"Professional Landscape Design and Horticultural Consulting since 1989. Proudly serving Southern Alberta."

“Recently my husband and I were able to purchase our dream home in Desert Blume AB, and were looking for someone to help us realize our vision for the undeveloped yard. We wanted someone acquainted with all of the guidelines and codes for landscaping in Desert Blume and we wanted our new yard to be really creative yet low-maintenance. Knowing that this would be the yard that we would be enjoying for a very long time, we didn’t want there to be compromises or regret that we didn’t follow through with all of our vision for our new yard. Being familiar with some of Annette’s other projects, I was confident she would be the one to contact to help us achieve our goal……she more than delivered!

I contacted Annette in January because we were so anxious (and impatient!) to get started as soon as possible. Annette promptly returned all my emails and patiently let me know that she was ready to go as soon as she could get into the backyard. When spring finally arrived, Annette came to get all of her measurements and elevation readings on a very cold and blustery day! She knew that if she didn’t get it done then, we might have to wait another week with more of the bad weather predicted.  Annette later met with us and after a very thorough interview (lots of pictures to review and a 10 page questionnaire!) she knew exactly what we were looking for.  She was able to take our ideas/comments and incorporate all of them into the design and was able to translate it into a very professional, very detailed, Landscape Concept Design Plan that we were so thrilled to see come to life. Annette was also instrumental in contacting Cypress County on our behalf to receive approval for our design and ensured that we met requirements for hard surface issues, detention ponds, and retaining walls. Our contractor had no problem completing the work because of all the plan details that were also accompanied by a project manual with the required specifications to create a top quality, beautiful yard.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to Annette for delivering everything we were hoping for in our completing our dream for our new home.” – Bill & Jackie Lee

“In the summer of 2009 …Annette (“Specialty Gardens”) has truly provided a “professional” product and facilitated the amalgamation of both our needs in our landscaping endeavors. A representation of her work is clearly evident and now on-display in our back yard. My wife wanted something “elegant yet informal” and Annette exceeded our demands. She is highly recommended if you want someone to make “your” vision a reality. From the earliest “what do you want in your yard” conversational stages though to the final “Professional Landscape Plans”, she paints your picture. Annette exceeded our expectations and we are quite pleased with our results!” – Mike Hopkins

“Working with Specialty Gardens has been a privilege these past 6 years. Your attention to detail and creative eye have not only been responsible for making hundreds of customers happy, but you have also made it easy for those actually doing the work to make your dream come to life. As a rule in our company, we will not take on a project if you are not a part of it and will continue with this rule into the future.

I highly recommend working with Annette. The value you receive as a customer is incredible as the price you pay far outweighs what you would be charged for wasted time and multiple changes that normally occur when she isn’t involved.” – Robin Kurpjuweit, Solid Rock Fencing Ltd.

“Very easy to work with. Understand my need of a zero maintenance yard.” – Frank

“I highly recommend Annette and Specialty Gardens. Annette helped us to determine our landscaping goals and then translated our goals into a practical and manageable plan. It was a miracle. Our yard changed from a boring utilitarian and demanding square of grass to a beautiful and enjoyable haven. Bravo Annette!”

“We would like to thank Specialty Gardens and more specifically Annette Vierling for the excellent work she did on our landscape plans for our new home and surroundings. We were looking for a more maintenance free yard and she certainly accomplished that while still making our yard the envy of the neighborhood.” – Murray & Patricia Pratt (Resort Village of Katepwa, SK)

“Specialty Gardens has been a pleasure to work with, very professional, efficient and thorough from start to finish. We love our yard which started as a barren area and thanks to Annette for all her patience, listening and many, many, promptly returned phone calls, we spend hours enjoying our well planned and planted yard and will for many years to come. Thanks Annette for the headache free yard.” – Valerie and Allen Rose

“My backyard has a very steep incline along the entire width of it which caused me much anxiety. Specialty Gardens redesigned the yard ensuring that the changes made blended with the existing landscape. The redesign was done as cost effectively as possible, the foliage planted added color and, best of all, it lowered the maintenance factor by 60%.” – Brigitte Bertmann, Grande Cache, Ab.

“When we moved into our character home we saw our yard as the typical “diamond in the rough”. We wanted to create a multi-purpose space that we could entertain in, have a place for our young children to play in, and above all relax and live in. We also wanted to find space to fit a garage that wouldn’t look like it was just dropped in from a building centre, but instead would fit in to the whole landscape. We wanted the yard to be low-maintenance and to complement the period architecture of our home.

This was far too big a design challenge for us to handle on our own, so we sought professional help. We asked for referrals from the garden centres and the local horticultural society and the same name kept coming up: Annette at Specialty Gardens.

Not only did Annette immediately grasp what our goals were, she intuitively understood how we wanted it to feel. She then translated that to an actual plan that we could use to make it a reality.

Her talent and patience has been amazing. Annette has been the key architect to help us achieve the outdoor living space that up until now we only dreamed of.”

“Not only does Annette have extensive knowledge of local plants and landscaping materials, but she also has a wonderful ability to combine them in creative and artistic ways, to create an outdoor environment that is exactly what I was hoping for. The plans were easy to read and to follow and were in fact a work of art in and of themselves. The interview process was thorough and she took into account my budget, my lack of a green thumb and our lifestyle issues like pets, children and unpleasant neighbors. All in all, I am very pleased with my garden and would recommend Specialty Gardens to anyone looking to improve their yard and garden.” – Christine Whitelaw

“I have sincerely enjoyed working with Specialty Gardens 10 years and counting. We have completed approximately 20 high end landscape projects using these plans. I have been amazed at the detail from elevations to the orientation drawn to scale for all surface treatments. Annette’s creativity used is always custom for her client. With professional consultations that really give direction needed to create the best feel and use the customer can enjoy for years and years. I have worked for 100’s of customers both using professional help and those who try to do it on their own. There is a lot of down time on site working with those who don’t have a good plan resulting in unproductive expenses to the customer while working out things on the go. I believe the service Specialty Gardens offers is a cost savings from that perspective. All the Best to Specialty Gardens in the years to come.” – Sheldon

“Specialty Gardens and Annette Vierling were a joy to work with! We have developed our yard as per her design and have a continuous flow of compliments. We enjoy our yard to the utmost and have nothing but a great amount of respect for Annette and her abilities and talents. “

“The very first time we met Annette Vierling from Specialty Gardens, we felt confident that all our needs would be met. She spent time getting to know us, defining our style & preferences….She then put together an amazingly detailed plan of what our garden would look like. We were very impressed!!! We used this plan to follow through with getting the work done….contractors had an easy time reading the plan, because it was so explicit….all we can say is that the garden is a show stopper!!! Our expectations were high & the results exceeded them….. The best part of this experience was that Annette was always available to answers any questions or concerns!! We highly recommend Annette to design the garden of your dreams!!!” – Lydia Fanelli and Sergiu Ciubotaru

“We were looking for a complete Landscape plan. Building a home in a new sub division, Desert Blume, which is in Cypress County, we wanted everything to be perfect. All designs needed to be approved by the county before starting the landscaping. This meant dealing with hard surface coverage issues, different grade levels in our back yard, drainage issues and building retaining walls, designing a detention pond which was required to hold 13 cubic meters of water. Annette worked diligently on our landscape design making sure all her calculations, blue print drawing and xeriscape yard design was approved by the county.

Specialty gardens was always available during the planning and construction of our yard landscaping, overseeing all aspects of our design from fencing, cement and paving work, dirt moving and the very detailed landscape planting plan.

Annette at Specialty Gardens was able to help us figure out the Landscape design that best worked for us. “Professional Landscape design and Horticultural Consulting”; this is a perfect description of the service we received from Annette at Specialty Gardens. I’m not sure we would have been able to have a great looking yard without her expect advice.

Very satisfied customer.” – Arlene & Mike Keck