3CMR – 175

3CMR – 175


Specialty Gardens was hired as a design consultant for this important project. The following items are a summary of our findings during the conceptual design process.

Two separate locations were considered for this project: Site 1 - Overpass near Saamis Drive NW, and Site 2 - Northwest from the Teepee near Kin Coulee Park.

Each site was analyzed based on several criteria. Site 1 was ultimately chosen with the following advantages:

  1. Existing grades and slope - surveyed area exhibits existing grades well within adjustable parameters for desired slope.
  2. Ease of accessibility for construction and maintenance - surveyed area is easily accessed via the existing asphalt path and supports larger vehicular access from Saamis Drive NW if necessary.
  3. Opportunity for monument placement - surveyed area has two relatively level areas for ideal placement of the monument and flags. Our preferred choice is shown on the preliminary concept plan.
  4. Opportunity for high pedestrian traffic - surveyed area is currently well used by pedestrians. The monument would be another draw for additional
    use of this walkway.
  5. Visual opportunities for signage placement - surveyed area is highly visual from Highway #1 heading west toward Calgary. Views of the geoglyph are directly in the driver's line of sight and would not be considered an adjacent distraction.

This project would not have been possible without the many volunteers
willing to bring it to fruition. It is now a distinctive landmark in our
beautiful city that tells an important story.

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