This is a time when it is a gift to live in a small city like ours, where neighbors know each other and an unseen enemy like COVID-19 will be slow to enter and spread. But it eventually will, as we have seen in many other areas of the world.  At Specialty Gardens, we are continuing to work online with our clients, keep our teams safe, and do our part to help flatten the curve in our community. We want you to know that we are still here, we are available for you, and we wish you all the very best through this difficult time.

Organic Land Care

Preserving the health of the environment.


Your green space should be truly green.

"Organic land care (OLC) is how we design, install and maintain landscapes to promote and preserve the health of the environment. OLC includes alternatives to the pesticides and fertilizers that endanger our health. The goal is to use just what Nature gave us – no chemicals! OLC creates green spaces that thrive year after year; resilient to pests, weeds, and drought. It’s about Healthy SOILS, Healthy PLANTS, Healthy ECOSYSTEMS.” – Gaia College

We are now educated in Organic Land Care as well. If you are interested in this design philosophy, we can incorporate items such as rainwater harvesting mechanisms, composting areas, greenhouses, cold frames, food gardens, permaculture, native plantings, and lawn alternatives.

If you are interested in our maintenance services, we can also apply fertilizers that are non-chemical instead of synthetic.


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